About Us

Our unique designs with tropical inspiration will make you feel oh-so-beautiful. Ohlinda represents our founder, Mirian, her wildest dream is to create a unique fashion brand.

In 2005, Miriam relocated to Canada from Brasil and founded Ohlinda Bikinis. She wanted to use her brand to empower women with beauty and confidence. The brands name refers to Miriam’s two main passions; the beach and feminine beauty. From the start of her first brand, Miriam's goal has always been to create swimwear that empowers women to feel their most confident. The bikini brand expanded to create clothing that empowers women who want to show their true colors: fearless, radiant, confident, and authentic.

The Ohlinda woman is the best version of herself and her clothes reflect that. The word "Linda" means "pretty" in Portuguese... And that's how we want you to feel.

Join our bevy of beauties. You'll never go out of style by being yourself.

A message from our founder:

"Ohlinda is a passion and where I express my love for fashion, dressing and feeling confident in my skin. Ohlinda is colourful. It's freedom and joy. Above all, Ohlinda is about self-acceptance. Ohlinda's clothes are a message that every confident woman sends: the fact that she loves and values herself first. Women should accept themselves for who they are, regardless of age or lack of confidence. I deeply believe that the Ohlinda concept could transform any woman."

Miriam Souza

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